Meritor 3206X1350 Axle Shaft

1192, Long
Item SKU: 24853438
Condition: USED
Part#: 3206X1350
Splines: 41
Spline Di: 2.10
Length: 43.01
Item Location Spencer, IA
Item Tag #: 24853438
Part#: 3206X1350
Splines: 41
Spline Di: 2.10
Length: 43.01
Vehicle Info: 2003 Sterling L9513
Flange Bolt Circle:7.00
Flange Hole Type:Tapered
Flange Type:Integral
Flange Diameter:8.38
Flange Hole Size:41/64
Flange Hole Count:8
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Warranty Info

"AS IS" No Warranty. Item meets your satisfaction at the time of receipt or installation.

Reference Info
  • FORD E9HZ4234J
  • MERITOR 3202G9341
  • MERITOR 3202N9114
  • MERITOR 3202R9326
  • MERITOR 3202T9172
  • MERITOR 3202T9328
  • MERITOR 3202U9173
  • MERITOR 3206A1067
  • MERITOR 3206A1353
  • MERITOR 3206D1018
  • MERITOR 3206F1020
  • MERITOR 3206H1022
  • MERITOR 3206X1350
  • MERITOR 3206Z1066

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