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Please email for help with your experience or call 712-264-5317 for immediate assistence. 


Why should I create an account?

  • Your account will allow you to view order history, track your orders, request product returns, see vehicle service history, approve service work on your vehicle, and many other AWESOME features!


How do I log in?

  • Click on the "Login/Register" text after opening the menu in the top left corner of the screen


How do you store my information?

  • We encrypt all personal data and do not save sensitive information like Credit Card numbers at all


Do I need to create an account to purchase?

  • No. While we encourage you to create an account due to the many benefits associated, we allow for a "Guest Checkout" through our website


Can you pull orders into my account that were purchased over the phone, not through the website?

  • Yes! Your account will allow you to view all transactions, whether purchased through our website cart or purchased over phone/email. 


Can my account be set up as tax exempt?


What do you do?

  • We are transportation specialists! We deal in commercial Heavy-duty trucks, (Class 4-8 trucks) and heavy construction equipment. We offer service and repair, equipment sales and installation, used truck and trailers sales, and used, new, and rebuilt parts for sale. Check out our web page for any heavy truck or equipment needs! 


What services do you provide? 

  • From diesel engine repair to body work to routine maintenance to frame modification, trust our experienced mechanics for all your truck and service needs. Other services include painting, air conditioning, brake/hub/rotor, clutch, differential, DOT Inspection, electrical, PTO/hydraulic, steering, suspension, transmission, trailer and more!


Do you sell whole trucks and whole equipment?


How do I set up a service appointment? 


What whole equipment do you sell? 


How do you get used parts?  

  • Our buyer group finds donor trucks and equipment for us. Once we get those trucks to our 6 full-service yards, we inventory and “deman” (de-manufacture) the trucks. We store the trucks in our yards once we remove the engines and transmissions. Click on this link to see how it's done! 


Is the complete truck available?  


What is happening with my order once it is placed to when it is shipped?

  • Good question! Once we get your paid order, we get to work. If the item is off the truck or a new item, our shipping dept will grab it and ship it as soon as they can – sometimes there can be waiting lines in our shipping departments. If the part is on the donor truck, the yard tech will pick (remove it) from the donor truck as soon as possible. Due to the high demand for our quality, reasonably-priced parts, there can sometimes be a waiting line at the yard and shipping departments. Do not worry – we are working as hard and as fast as we can to take care of all of our customers.  


What is your used part guarantee?   

  • Vander Haag’s guarantees our used parts to be in good, usable condition at the time of installation. If the part does not function properly or meet your expectations at the time of installation, you will be sent a new part or refunded the amount of the part, depending on the circumstances. This will be handled on a case-to-case basis. You can also read the warranty statement here: 


What is the difference between “Ship Direct” and “Combine and Save”?  

  • Ship direct means we collect enough shipping to send you your multiple items individually from the different stores or warehouses. Combine and save means we will consolidate your order at one of our stores and ship from that one store to save some shipping costs.  


When will my order ship? 

  • We will ship as fast as we can. There can be delays because of weather, personnel, and high-demand workloads.  


Can you pick parts from the yard right away? 

  • Most of our six yards do have a waiting list. The yard pull time can run vary anywhere from a day to a week. Rest assured, we are working our hardest to get your item to you! 


Where does my part come from?  

  • We have three general locations where we source parts. The first locations are our expansive yards, the second are our extensive warehouses and the last location is our partner warehouses.


Where is my tracking number?  

  • There is a link called “View your order online” right on your order confirmation email. This link is your passport to the available information on your order. When the tracking number becomes available, you will find it under the “Shipping Info” heading. 


I only received one part of my order. Where is the rest?   

  • Do not panic. If you bought multiple items and requested direct shipping, the items may arrive at different times. Please watch your tracking numbers. 


I want to sell you my truck, how can I do that?  


My part arrived broken, what can I do?  

  • Do not fear, Customer Service is here! Please get in touch with us via the processing email and have pictures of the part ready to send to us. Also, make sure your email address is valid – this is how Customer Service will reach out to you.  


 How do I know if you have the part in stock?  

  •   If you can add the part to your cart, it is in stock. It will also tell you on the part page below the price. 


When will you get the part I need back in stock?  


How do I know if a part will fit my unit 


How do I get the shipping price? 

  • If the shipping price is not listed once you put in your zip code, continue the checkout process to request a manual freight quote. 


Can someone help me find the part I need?  


Can I buy online and still pick it up at the store? 

  • Yes! Once you checkout, you can select the in-store pickup option to pick it up in-store. 


Is hardware included with the purchase? 

  • No, hardware and brackets are not included unless specifically stated.  


Our Locations

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While Vander Haag's, Inc still holds strong to its family focused values that have been at the core of the business since first opening in 1939, the company now features 11 Midwest locations selling quality used/rebuilt/new truck parts, selling commercial trucks & trailers, and providing full service heavy duty truck repair. 43.178044 -95.155024  Spencer, IA 41.640436 -93.584249  Des Moines, IA 43.594099 -96.709450  Sioux Falls, SD 41.158006 -95.826804  Council Bluffs, IA 39.065417 -94.498172  Kansas City, MO 41.033283 -86.596167  Winamac, IN 39.740696 -86.255676  Indianapolis, IN 39.960151 -83.366700  London, OH 38.176011 -85.750102  Louisville, KY 32.807028 -96.873557  Dallas, TX 38.751480 -90.470276  Bridgeton, MO