Meritor 3206V1348 Axle Shaft

Item SKU: 24584806
Condition: USED
Part#: 1191
Splines: 41
Spline Di: 2.10
Length: 37.06
Item Location Nearest Warehouse
Item Tag #: 24584806
Part#: 1191
Splines: 41
Spline Di: 2.10
Length: 37.06
Unit Info: 2005 International 9200
Flange Bolt Circle:7.00
Flange Hole Type:Tapered
Flange Type:Integral
Flange Diameter:8.38
Flange Hole Size:41/64
Flange Hole Count:8
Warranty Info

"AS IS" No Warranty. Item meets your satisfaction at the time of receipt or installation.

Reference Info
  • 1191
  • FORD E9HZ4234K
  • MERITOR 3202F9340
  • MERITOR 3202M9113
  • MERITOR 3202Q9325
  • MERITOR 3206E1019
  • MERITOR 3206H1048
  • MERITOR 3206J1050
  • MERITOR 3206V1348
  • MERITOR 3206Z1352
  • S & S TRUCK & TRCTR 1191
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