At Vander Haag's Inc. we greatly value your security. Below we have outlined our security practices for your information.

Your connection to our site is encrypted. You do not need to worry about entering in sensitive information such as payment details or your password for our site. The information transferred between yourself and the site is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. The use of SSL technology is indicated next to the address bar of your browser, often shown by a solid key or a closed lock. When accessing a server that uses SSL, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https". If you would like to view more information on how your connection to us is protected, click the key or lock icon next to the address bar.

Please do not respond to any emails that appear to be from us asking for sensitive information. We will never ask for any of your sensitive information over email. We will not email your credit card, password, or other sensitive information to you. If you would like to notify us about an email you have received asking for personal information that appears to have come from, please email

Payment Security

When you make a payment through we will not store any of your credit card details. We comply with the Payment Card Industry - also known as PCI - security standards designed to protect your information. When you enter your card details, the information is encrypted and sent securely to our payment processor who sends back to us an undecryptable token. This token is given to us without the card data itself ever being transmitted to our servers. This helps to keep your information safe from attackers.

Login Security

We believe the protection of your passwords is very important, which is why we have implemented measures that strongly secure them while stored on our servers. Once you submit your password we convert it using a non-reversible cryptographic function1. Even our employees won't know your original password.

This method of storing passwords makes it significantly harder for your password to be cracked in the event that our password database is stolen. Choosing a strong and unique password/passphrase paired with this technology can help prevent unauthorized access to your account. Here are some tips for choosing a good password:

  • Choose a password with over 10 characters - consider using a passphrase instead to make this easier.
  • Use a password that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters (*&^%{+=~).
  • Use a password that you haven't used anywhere else. Make sure to have a unique password for your email account at the very least.
  • Use a password that doesn't contain your name, username, company name, etc.
  • Do not use an easily guessable password such as 123456, password, etc.
  • Consider using a secure password manager such as LastPass, KeePass, DashLane, or 1Password. These managers all have secure password generators as well which will pick a secure password for you if you prefer.

1. We use salted PBKDF2-SHA512 with 300,000 iterations.

Our Locations

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While Vander Haag's, Inc still holds strong to its family focused values that have been at the core of the business since first opening in 1939, the company now features 11 Midwest locations selling quality used/rebuilt/new truck parts, selling commercial trucks & trailers, and providing full service heavy duty truck repair. 43.178044 -95.155024  Spencer, IA 41.640436 -93.584249  Des Moines, IA 43.594099 -96.709450  Sioux Falls, SD 41.158006 -95.826804  Council Bluffs, IA 39.065417 -94.498172  Kansas City, MO 41.033283 -86.596167  Winamac, IN 39.740696 -86.255676  Indianapolis, IN 39.960151 -83.366700  London, OH 38.176011 -85.750102  Louisville, KY 32.807028 -96.873557  Dallas, TX 38.751480 -90.470276  Bridgeton, MO