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Live Floor
Description: FOB the Factory - FET is included UPPER COUPLER HEIGHT 48' UPPER COUPLER PLATE 1/4"Plate KING PIN SETTING 36" SWING CLEARENCE 90"= 36KP LANDING GEAR Two Speed SUSPENSIONS Air Ride - Slider - Cush W/Manual Dump Valve LIFT AXLE None AXLES (2) 25K Capacity - Type 30 Chambers - Auto Slacks - ABS 16.5"x7" Brakes AXLE SPACING 49" WHEELS Disc - Hub Piloted- 22.5- 2AX(-56#) TIRES 11R22.5 -Double Coin-2AX FRONT TYPE 10" Diagonal FRONT MATERIAL Aluminum .50 - Pre Painted White Aluminum LADDERS Ladder/Catwalk REAR DOOR TYPE Heavy Duty Dry Van Style Door REAR DOOR MATERIAL Galv. Inner/Pre-painted White Outer Steel SIDE SHEET MATERIAL Aluminum .050 - Pre Painted White Aluminum SIDE SHEET COLOR White SIDE POST Extruded Aluminum on 16" Centers LOWER RAIL Heavy Duty Aluminum Lower Rail FLOOR Hallco Walk Floor Syst.- 4000-Series- 3/16" STD Deck - Alum. Sub-48'-102WD + 3,276# FLOOR SILLS 4" Steel - 12" - 12" - 12" - Wax-Dipped I-Beam w/ Undercoating SILL SPACING 12"/12"/12" Heavy Duty / Live Floor PARKING BRAKES 2 Axle DUST SHEILDS None ANTI-SAIL MUD FLAPS Mount on Slider BUMPER H.D. 3" x 4" Non-Push Bumper(Flush Rear Frame) **Flush Rear Frame.** TARP SYSTEM Shur-Co Brand "RTS-SYS"-HD-Frt&RrCap-9Bow-22oz.-7Ratches-7Straps-48'-102WD LIGHTS Sealed Wiring Harness W/ LED PKG PAINT Red - Ladders,Fifth Wheel UNDERCOAT Valspar - Black Corrosion Resistant CUSTOM 1 (3) Straight HD Spreader Bars CUSTOM 2 Cat Walk Composition: Aluminum Composition: Aluminum
  • VIN: 5JYCW4828KED12344
  • Item #: CT0947
  • Length:  48'
  • Single/Tandem/Spread:  Sliding (Tandem Axles)
  • Suspension:  Air Ride
  • Unit Info: 2019 DORSEY 48 LIVE FLOOR
  • Assembly Info: DORSEY 48 LIVE FLOOR
  • Width: 102"
  • Side Height: 162"
  • Length: 48'
  • Single/Tandem/Spread: Sliding (Tandem Axles)
  • Suspension: Air Ride
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Vander Haags Inc
7501 E US Hwy 40
Kansas City, MO

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Price: $60900.00


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