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2019 CIRCLE R 34

Dump, Side
Description: 44'x102" Circle R Side Dump 44' TriAxle Air Ride 34' 1/4 FLX500 Dump Body 34' Tub 24.2 cu.yd Air Ride Suspension w/3rd Axle Lift Holland 23,000# Axle 6' Cylinders LED Lighting Two Speed Landing Gear Haldex ABS System 3000 PSI Hydraulics Dump Body Drain Kit Extended Push Block Aero Electric Tarp 11R22.5 Tires Steel Wheels (Additional Cost for Aluminum) White Paint 1-Year Warranty FET Included Call for Factory Freight Quote
  • Item #: 44'CIRCLERSD34
  • Length:  44'x102" 34' TUB
  • Single/Tandem/Spread:  TRIPLE
  • Suspension:  AIR RIDE W/3RD AXLE LIFT
  • Weight Rating:  ELECTRIC TARP
  • Unit Info: 2019 CIRCLE R 34
  • Assembly Info: CIRCLE R 34
  • Wheels: Steel Hub Pilot
  • Tires: 11R22.5
  • Brakes: Air
  • Pin type / setting: 18"
  • Width: 102"
  • Double Ridge Straps: No
  • LED Lights: Yes
  • Suspension Details: Air Ride
  • Side Windows: No
  • Length Details: 44'-2"
  • Side Height: 97 1/2"
  • Mid Turn Lights: Yes
  • Frame or Frameless: Frame
  • Length: 44'x102" 34' TUB
  • Single/Tandem/Spread: TRIPLE
  • Suspension: AIR RIDE W/3RD AXLE LIFT
  • Weight Rating: ELECTRIC TARP
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Price: $56900.00


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