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2019 DORSEY 53' ARCS

Drop Deck
Description: 53' Drop Deck Combo/Rear Axle Slide/Rear Axle Dump 80,000 GVWR (60,000 in 10 Span) Upper Deck Length 10'6" Lower Deck Length 42'6" King Pin Setting 24" Flooring 1-1/8" HD Aluminum W/4 Nailer Boards Winches 12 Double L (+)#75 Winch Track Double L Aluminum - Extruded Siderail R/S Only Landing Gear Two Speed Suspension Air Ride-Cush-(1)Fixed Frt &(1)Slider Rear Suspension Location R.A.S.- Cal Legal (Center of KP to Center of Rear Axle 40' in Closed Position) Dump Valve-Rear Axle Dump off 7 Prong Axles (2) 22.5K Cap.- Axle Spacing 10'2" Wide Spread/ RAS - CAL Legal(49") Wheels - Hub Piloted - 22.5 Steel Wheels (Aluminum Wheels Available at additional Cost) Tires 255/70R 22.5 - 41" Loaded Deck Height - Double Coin Stake Pockets 24" O.C. Sides & 4 Across Front, 5 Across Rear Pipe Spools Double Cargo Tie Downs 14 Pair of Recessed Chain Ties Evenly Spaced Lights Sealed Wiring Harness w/ LED Pkg STD Add $1000 for Outer Aluminums as Pictured Call for Factory Freight Quote FET INCLUDED
  • VIN: 53' DROP DECK
  • Item #: 53DORSEYDDAR
  • Length:  53'x102"
  • Single/Tandem/Spread:  SPREAD/SLIDER
  • Suspension:  AIR RIDE
  • Weight Rating:  REAR AXLE DUMP
  • Unit Info: 2019 DORSEY 53' ARCS
  • Assembly Info: DORSEY 53' ARCS
  • Wheels: Steel
  • Tires: 255/70R 22.5
  • Brakes: Air
  • Pin type / setting: 24"
  • Width: 102"
  • LED Lights: Yes
  • Suspension Details: Air Ride
  • Length Details: 53'
  • Website Link: Https://www.vanderhaags.com/detailview.php?part=24403330
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Price: $35500.00


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