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2018 ASV RT120

Skid Steer
Description: Price is for base unit only, no bucket, Open Canopy Operating Specs: Operating weight: RT-120: 11,265 lbs / 5110 kg, RT-120 Forestry: 12,255 lb / 5559 kg Shipping weight: RT-120: 10,391 lbs / 4713 kg, RT-120 Forestry: 11,381 lb / 5162 kg Ground pressure @ operating weight: RT-120: 4.4 psi / 30.3 kPa, RT-120 Forestry: 4.3 psi / 29.7 kPa Rated operating capacitiy, 35% of tipping load: RT-120: 3,535 lbs / 1603 kg, RT-120 Forestry: 3,745 lbs / 1699 kg Tipping load: RT-120: 10,100 lbs / 4581 kg, RT-120 Forestry: 10,700 lb / 4853 kg Max. travel speed: 10 mph / 16 kph Engine: Type: Diesel, liquid cooled, 4-cylinder, turbocharged and inter-cooled Model: Cummins QSF3.8 Displacement: 232 cu. in. / 3.8 L Gross power rating @ 2800 rpm: 120 hp / 89.5 kW Torque, peak: 360 ft-lb / 488 Nm Cooling system: Hydraulically-driven fan and coolant/anti-freeze filled radiator. On RT-120 Forestry, fan is temperature-controlled, variable speed and auto reversing. Intake air cleaner: Three stage Emission controls: Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 final standards Aux. Hydraulics: Pump capacity: Low - variable from 0-20 gpm / 75.5 lpm.; High - 45 gpm / 170 lpm, adjustable from 30-45 gpm / 114-170 lpm System pressure, max., Low: 3,300 psi / 22 750 kPa System pressure, max., High: 4,060 psi / 27 993 kPa Controls: Intermittent via joystick button or continuous via console switch. Couplers: Push-to-connect quick couplers mounted on loader arms. Pressure relief valve mounted to coupler block. Hydraulic cooling system: High-efficiency side-by-side radiator and oil cooler. Cooling fan is hydraulically-driven. Electrical: Nominal charge: 12 V Battery: 950 CCA Charging system: 120-amp alternator Outlets: One 12 VDC port inside operator station Wiring: Pre-wired for all factory-available accessories Standard features: Attachment control kit, block heater, rear-view camera. Undercarriage: Track type: General purpose track constructed of rubber compound with embedded co-polymer cords and all-purpose treads. Three rows of track drive lugs molded in. An optional wider track is also available. Track width, RT-120: standard track is , 18 in. / 457 mm and an optional 20 in. / 508 mm is available RT-120 Forestry: standard track is 20 in. / 508 mm wide. Length of track on ground: 71 in. / 1803 mm Ground contact area, 18 in. track: 2,556 cu. in. / 1.65 cu. meter Ground contact area, 20 in. track: 2,840 cu. in. / 1.83 cu. meter Drive system: Two-speed, direct drive sprockets controlled by a single joystick. Track drive sprocket: Elevated with low-friction and replaceable sprocket rollers. Undercarriage suspension: Two independent torsion axles suspend each track frame, plus four independent wheel carriages (4 wheels each) per track. Roller wheels: 24 high-density polyurethane and rubber wheels per track. Wheel bearings protected by metal-faced seals. Roller wheel diameters: Front and rear - 15 in. / 381 mm; Middle - 10 in. / 254 mm Operator Station: Cab: Open Canopy. An all-weather cab is optional. Seat: Adjustable contour vinyl with built-in operator presence switch, lap bar and 2 in. | 51 mm wide seat belt. Loader control: Right-hand electronic joystick controls loader lift/lower, tilt, plus intermittent control of aux.hydraulic. Drive control: Left-hand electronic joystick controls machine speed and direction. Engine speed control: Hand-operated throttle. Indicators/gauges: Engine RPM, fuel level, coolant temperature, air inlet temperature, engine oil pressure, voltage, hydraulic oil temperature, travel speed, DEF level, engine hour meter, trip meter. ROPS: Meets ISO 3471:2008, ISO 6683:2005. FOPS: Meets ISO 3449:2005 level 1, SAE J386:2006-2. RT-120 Forestry includes special guarding package. OPS: Meets SAE J1084:2002, ISO 8083-2006, BC WCB G608 Illumination: Two adjustable forward-facing halogen lights; Two adjustable rear-facing halogen lights; and one interior light. Convenience: One 12-VDC power port located inside operator station. Audible alarms: Horn and backup alarm are standard. Refill Cap: Fuel tank: 30 gal. / 114 L Hydraulic tank: 22 gal. / 86 L Engine coolant/antifreeze: 5.5 gal. / 20.8 L Engine oil, including filter: 12 quarts / 11.4 L Attachments not included: Dirt bucket, 72 inch (1829 mm) wide or 74 inch (1880 mm) wide Tooth bar, 72 inch (1829 mm) wide or 74 inch (1880 mm) wide
  • Item #: ASVRT120
  • Unit Info: 2018 ASV RT120
  • Assembly Info: ASV RT120
  • Engine: Cummins QSF3.8
  • Horsepower: 120 hp
  • Hours: 0
  • Attachments: None
  • Other: Hyd quick coupler, Reversing fan, Block heat, Attachment control kit
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Air Conditioning: No
  • Heat: No
  • Lift Capacity: Tipping load 10,100 lbs ROC 3,535 lbs
  • Reach: 125"
  • Controls: Pilot RH Joystick controls attachment, LH Joystick Drive
  • Rear Tires: Track Length 71" on ground
  • Front Tires: Track Width 18" 4.4 psi ground pressure
  • Drive: Hydraulic 2 speed 10 mph
  • All Unit Items

RT-120 Spec Sheet - January 2016.pdf
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