TRW/ROSS TAS65047 Steering Gear / Rack

Item SKU: 24093458
Condition: REBUILT
Cast#: TAS652291
Assembly#: TAS65047
Lines: 4
Item Location Call for Information
Item Tag #: PS TAS65047
Cast#: TAS652291
Assembly#: TAS65047
Lines: 4
Vehicle Info: Ford L8000
Warranty Info

Covered by Manufacturer or Remanufacturers warranty

Reference Info
  • Ford F1HT3N503BA
  • Ford F2HT3N503DA
  • Ford F2HT3N503HA
  • Ford F2HZ3504E
  • Ford F2HZ3504H
  • Ford F7HZ3504D
  • Ford F7HZ3504EA
  • Trw/Ross F7HZ 3504 JA
  • Trw/Ross RGT66011R
  • FORD F1HT3N503BA
  • FORD F2HT3N503DA
  • FORD F2HT3N503HA
  • FORD F2HZ3504E
  • FORD F2HZ3504H
  • FORD F7HZ3504D
  • FORD F7HZ3504EA
  • TRW/ROSS F7HZ 3504 JA
  • TRW/ROSS RGT66011R
  • TRW/ROSS TAS65047
  • TRW/ROSS TAS65070
  • TRW/ROSS TAS65130
  • TRW/ROSS TAS652291
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