Detroit 60 SER 12.7 Air Compressor

Reman Bendix Air Compressor, TF550, Detroit 60 Series, Adapterless
Item SKU: 24468024
Condition: REBUILT
Model#: TF550
Drive Type: GEAR
Item Location Nearest Store
Item Tag #: HX 5004188X
Model#: TF550
Drive Type: GEAR
Assembly Info: Detroit 60 SER 12.7
Item Info: Bendix 5004188
Warranty Info

Covered by Manufacturer or Remanufacturers warranty

Reference Info
  • S-13394
  • Bendix 109429
  • Bendix 5004188
  • Bendix 5004188X
  • Bendix 5008609
  • Detroit 23522122
  • Detroit 23522123
  • Detroit R23522122
  • Detroit R23522123
  • Detroit R23534455
  • Midland EL16312
  • Midland EL16312X
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Description: CORE- DETROIT 12.7 TF 550 AIR COMPRESSOR, USES THE ADAPTERMDLND COMP EARLY 60 SERIESReman Bendix Air Compressor, TF550, Detroit 60 Series, AdapterlessTF750 AIR COM 60 SER DDA NEWREMAN COMP, BA922-DET-EGR
Model#: TF550TF550TF750BA922
Drive Type: GEARGEAR
Price: $250.00$264.45$399.27$665.69$983.91
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