We Recycled 22.6 MILLION Pounds of Truck Parts in 2021

That's right! We recycled a total of 22,630,818 POUNDS of truck parts in 2021This number does not include scrap, but only the parts that were reused by you, our loyal customers! Vander Haag's has been in the business of recycling parts for over 80 years. We are proud to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of parts that would, under normal circumstances, end up in landfills. The total weight of reused parts in 2021 is an increase from 2020 when we recycled 20,227,983 pounds and a huge increase from 2019 when we recycled 16,756,836 pounds of parts.

In 2019, we added a real-time counter to the Vander Haag's website on the homepage that allows visitors to see how many pounds of parts we have recycled year-to-date. Not only are we having a positive impact on the environment, but we are also helping truck owners save money... saving a truck owner or operator nearly 50% the cost of a new part without sacrificing the life expectancy of the part! Wow!! Vander Haag’s takes pride in the amount of quality inspected parts readily available for purchase online or by phone. 

Here are a few other ways that we have a positive impact on the environment:

  • We use recycled oil to heat our facilities. 
  • We are adding solar panels to each location to assist in powering our facilities.
  • We reusing boxes and pallets to ship products to customers.
  • We recycle and reuse antifreeze.
  • We used recycled diesel fuel to operate our loaders, telehandlers, etc. that keep our yard and warehouses operating smoothly. 

What other ways do you think we can help the environment?


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