National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 8-14 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. At Vander Haag's, we want to show appreciation to the drivers that keep America moving everyday. We do not want their hardwork and committment in one of the most demanding jobs to go unnoticed. Afterall, drivers are the ones responsible for delivering our every day goods and even life-sustaining medical supplies to our communities. Their job helps keep us all alive and delivers most of your favorite items straight to our door!

Facts you may not know about Truck Drivers

Here are a few facts about truck driver and the trucking industry that really shed light on their impact on the economy and everyday life. 

  • Drivers can have a duty period last 14 hours. This is known as the 14-hour rule. They are allowed to drive up to 11 hours during a duty period. However, after driving for 8 hours, drivers are required to take at least a 30 minute break. Many of these trips take several days to complete, which are hours spent away from home, family, and friends.

  • There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States.  Did you know, women make up 6.2 percent of all truck drivers as of 2017? This number has went up from 4.9 percent in 2008.

  • Truck drivers log 432 billion mile annually.

  • The average long haul driver will log around 100,000 miles per year. 

  • More than 80% of U.S. communities depend soley on trucking for delivery of their goods.

Thank you Drivers!
From everyone at Vander Haag's, THANK YOU to the 3.5 million men and women who deliver our medical supplies, the food we eat, and the materials that build our homes and communities. Thank you to the other 8.7 million people working in the industry that help keep our drivers safe on the road.

Vander Haag's Freight

Freight Charges Include

  • Lowest negotiated shipping rates
  • Custom packaging or crating by our experienced shipping team
  • Insurance of all items against damage in transit
  • Tracking information so you can follow your order

Even though Vander Haag's works hard to negotiate cheaper rates with shipping companies, we understand that freight may seem expensive at times. With the increase in demand for shipping and the shortage of truck drivers, freight companies are constantly increasing their rates. Here at Vander Haag's, we try to give you the best value for your money! Included in your shipping charge is the materials used to package your items, the handling time in packaging your items, and the insurance on your shipment. In order to ensure that every package arrives undamaged, our shipping department will take the time to custom build whatever package/pallet/frame/crate is needed to keep your items safe. We also protect our customers from receiving damaged items by personally insuring every shipment. If your items arrive damaged due to mishandling during shipping, please note it on the BOL and call us as soon as possible to start a freight claim. We will do our best to get you taken care of right away!

Taking all that into account, if the freight charge is still unreasonable it could be a fault in the algorithm we use to calculate freight. As we constantly work to refine this algorithm, there are still times when it returns faulty freight amounts. If this is the case, either select the "Manual Freight Quote" shipping option and complete the checkout process or give us a call at 888-940-5030 to let one of our sales representatives manually calculate freight on your order. We're sorry for this inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience as we try to create the most enjoyable experience possible for our customers!

If you live near one of our 7 locations, we offer free in-store pickup. Select the "In-Store Pickup" shipping option and continue the checkout process to have your items shipped to the most convenient store. 

Celebrating 80 Years of Vander Haag's, Inc.

If you hadn't heard already, Vander Haag's, Inc. has been in business for 80 YEARS! June 7-9, 2019, employees and their family members traveled from all 7 locations to celebrate our company wide 80th anniversary celebration! A lot of work and time was spent planning this action-packed weekend. To say we were excited to celebrate 80 years of blessings is an understatement. We are so thankful for our customers & our employees who go above and beyond more often than not. 


531 people were transported in 4 chartered buses, while some took their personal vehicles. The event launched Friday evening at Yesterday's Memories Museum. Attendees signed in at the registration table, grabbed all of their passes for the weekend events ahead, and were greeted warmly by the Vander Haag family. John C. Vander Haag started the festivities off with the starting of the engine. The starting of the engine has become a cherished tradition in years past, when a new Vander Haag's location opens its' doors for business.