We Recycled 22.6 MILLION Pounds of Truck Parts in 2021

That's right! We recycled a total of 22,630,818 POUNDS of truck parts in 2021This number does not include scrap, but only the parts that were reused by you, our loyal customers! Vander Haag's has been in the business of recycling parts for over 80 years. We are proud to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of parts that would, under normal circumstances, end up in landfills. The total weight of reused parts in 2021 is an increase from 2020 when we recycled 20,227,983 pounds and a huge increase from 2019 when we recycled 16,756,836 pounds of parts.

In 2019, we added a real-time counter to the Vander Haag's website on the homepage that allows visitors to see how many pounds of parts we have recycled year-to-date. Not only are we having a positive impact on the environment, but we are also helping truck owners save money... saving a truck owner or operator nearly 50% the cost of a new part without sacrificing the life expectancy of the part! Wow!! Vander Haag’s takes pride in the amount of quality inspected parts readily available for purchase online or by phone. 

Here are a few other ways that we have a positive impact on the environment:

  • We use recycled oil to heat our facilities. 
  • We are adding solar panels to each location to assist in powering our facilities.
  • We reusing boxes and pallets to ship products to customers.
  • We recycle and reuse antifreeze.
  • We used recycled diesel fuel to operate our loaders, telehandlers, etc. that keep our yard and warehouses operating smoothly. 

What other ways do you think we can help the environment?

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Lyon


Meet the Team 


Please meet Amanda Lyon from our Parts Sales Department in Spencer, Iowa! 

Amanda has been a part of the  Vander Haag’s team for nearly 3 ½ years.  During that time, she has filled a number of different roles on the Parts Sales team: E-bay Sales; phone sales; helped out “unofficially” in shipping & receiving, and currently works at the front counter at the Spencer store.  She really enjoys the variety that comes with her job.  “I don’t think there is a ‘typical’ day.  No 2 days are the same… that’s the type of work environment I like.”

Amanda initially got her start with Vander Haag’s in 2015. She had 12 years sales experience and attended college for Business Management/Human Resource prior to joining our team.  “I grew up around salvage yards and still currently help my dad with his when I can, so I wasn’t unfamiliar with the industry.”  She worked for Vander Haag’s for a little over a year and then (after a brief stint at another employer) came back to the Vander Haag’s team in Parts Sales. 

The thing she enjoys the most about her current role is winning repeat business and receiving positive customer reviews.  Side note: earlier this year, we had a customer specifically recognize Amanda’s efforts to help him out: “I manage the parts dept. for a heavy duty repair facility in upstate New York and Vander Haags is my 1st call for recycled parts. Amanda has been my go to since day one, her knowledge and professionalism have been off the charts...”

Outside of work, Amanda is an avid dirt track racing fan.  She still enjoys helping her dad on his race car when she can.  She also enjoys cooking and smoking food, and spending time with family.  “For my graduation party, my dad let me get his stock car out and race around the farm that night.  A lot of great memories!”

Here’s a few things you may not know about Amanda:

·         She’s an early riser!  By the time she gets to work, she’s usually got her workout in for the day already.

·         She won a dirt track race in her dad’s race car in 2010 and has been helping her dad in the pits since she was 16!

·         While in high school, she received 2 years of college credits towards an auto tech degree from Iowa Central Community College.

Thanks for being a part of the Vander Haag’s team, Amanda! 

We’re thankful and blessed to have you here!




Employee Spotlight: Daniel Salas

This month, we would like to introduce you to Daniel Salas from our Parts Sales Department in Kansas City, Missouri!  Daniel has been a part of the Vander Haag’s team for just over 7 years now.  Besides being a long-term employee, Daniel also finished in the top 3 in overall parts sales the past 3 years!

Daniel has worked in the Parts Sales Department during his entire time at Vander Haag’s.  Prior to working at Vander Haag’s, his daily commute actually took him past the site where construction on our Kansas City site was under way.  “I happened to drive by one day and saw that something was being built so I went home and searched the internet to see exactly what Vander Haags was.  I had been looking for something a little closer to my home because I was driving 35 mins each way to work every day.  Everything that I has just read about the company seemed like a place that I would be interested in.  I put application in and met with Eric [Krikke] and was hired about a week later and haven't looked back since.”

Besides shortening up his previous commute, Daniel has also enjoyed the variety of things he gets to tackle each day in the parts department.  “I don’t know if there is a ‘basic’ day.  If there was one, it would consist of helping walk-in customers, taking incoming phone calls, and making outbound calls to follow up on previous quotes.  Sometimes, I’m contacting customers we haven’t heard from in a while just to see how they’re doing.”

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports.  “I really enjoy attending sporting events, but with no fans in the stands this year at Royals games that got cut out… but I like watching sports in general and the restart of sports on TV helped with that.”

Daniel is also newly engaged!  He and his fiancée Julie plan to be married sometime in the spring of 2022.

Thanks for being a part of our team, Daniel!  We’re fortunate and blessed to have you as a member of our team in Kansas City.  All the best to you & your fiancée on your engagement!     



Employee Spotlight: Joel Maassen

We would like to introduce Joel Maassen from our Service team in Sioux Falls, SD! Joel has been with Vander Haag’s for nearly 5 years now and has worked as a Service Technician the entire time. Like many of our current team members, Joel was referred to Vander Haag’s by some former co-workers: “I learned about Vander Haag’s through Teague Camarigg and Kevin Lunstra. I worked with Kevin for several years at Sioux Falls Kenworth where we were both employed as mechanics. I knew Teague from church.  They were both helpful in telling me about Vander Haag’s and holding the door open for me.”

Since joining the team at Vander Haag’s, Joel has proven to be a valuable resource in the Service Department. He has also achieved his ASE master tech certification.  “I’m thankful for the opportunities and lessons to get that certification.  For me, it’s not a destination of achievement, but rather a mile marker that shows where I’ve been.”

Joel says that one of the things he enjoys most about working at Vander Haag’s is “Seeing a satisfied customer utilizing a truck that I worked on and knowing that I – along with everyone at VHI – are vital cogs in an essential gear of our local and world economy which depends on trucks that aren’t broken down.” In fact, Joel recently noticed a Vander Haag’s customer just down the street from his home. The customer was struggling with a blown brake canister. Joel was able to help them diagnose the problem and took this photo!