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CAT D8 Interior, Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Left Interior, Misc. Parts - USED
Tool box, Mounts on top of left fender

100.00 $
CAT D8 Equip Controls
CAT D8 Equip Controls -
Lever assembly, Center sold as pair, W/ linkage

300.00 $

CAT D8 Axle Assembly, Rear
CAT D8 Axle Assembly, Rear - USED
Mounts between transmission and final drives
  • Type: REAR

4000.00 $
 with exchange

CAT D8 Interior, Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Interior, Misc. Parts - USED
Dash/cowl tower shell less instruments and internal components

350.00 $
CAT D8 Instrument Cluster
CAT D8 Instrument Cluster - USED
Center cluster,w/ several lights/gauges & switches, Less dash tower

200.00 $

CAT D8 Hood
CAT D8 Hood - USED
Above engine, Mounts from radiator upper cover to cowl/.dash

250.00 $

CAT D8  Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Right Misc. Parts - USED
Pulley w/ shield & bracket, Mounts between winch and cable pipe

200.00 $
CAT D8  Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Right Misc. Parts - USED
Pipe only, Mounts between directional feed pulleys , Runs length of machine under right fender

250.00 $
CAT D8 Grille
CAT D8 Grille - USED
Grille, Steel w/ holes, Upper and lower heavy duty, Several dents

350.00 $

CAT D8  Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Misc. Parts - USED
Pulley, Center, Primary lift pulley assembly

500.00 $
CAT D8  Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Right Misc. Parts - USED
Pulley w/ shield & bracket, Directional feed, Mounts between feed pipe and center lift pulley

200.00 $
CAT D8 Seat
CAT D8 Seat - USED
Steel seat frame assembly, Lower cushion poor
  • Material: STEEL

350.00 $

CAT D342 Engine Assembly
CAT D342 Engine Assembly - CORE
Core, Cat D342, 191/235 hp, Does not rotate
  • Warranty: As-is No Warranty

3000.00 $

CAT D8 Equip Final Drive
CAT D8 Left Equip Final Drive - USED
Final drive w/ support, Spokes on drive sprocket have past welds, Less undercarriage covers
  • Location: TRACK

2500.00 $

CAT D8 Drive Shaft
CAT D8 Drive Shaft - USED
Shaft, Runs rear winch assembly
  • Part#: REAR

300.00 $

CAT D8 Transmission

3500.00 $
CAT D8 Radiator
CAT D8 Radiator - USED
Copper downflow w/ support, Upper body panel cover, Shroud & inner brackets, Core of radiator will likely need repair or replace
  • Engine: CAT D342

1000.00 $

CAT D8 Hydraulic Valve
CAT D8 Right Hydraulic Valve - USED
Valve, Single spool w/ small reservoir

250.00 $

CAT D8 Hydraulic, Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Right Hydraulic, Misc. Parts - USED
Controls, Sticks, Sold as pair w/ mounts, Brackets and levers

500.00 $
CAT D8  Misc. Parts
CAT D8 Misc. Parts - USED
Winch, P/N 56C4421, Complete w/ brackets less drive shaft
  • ID:56C4421

2000.00 $


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