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Detroit 60 SER 12.7 Fuel Injector
Item:MB R-5235575
Des Moines, IA $286.33
 with exchange

Cat C15 Fuel Injector: P/N 291-5911

Cat C15 Engine Fuel Injector - Used | P/N 2915911

USED - Cat C15 fuel injector, P/N 291-5911, Visually inspected only
Part#: 291-5911
London, OH $275.00

International DT530E Fuel Injector
Item:PA 480257X
 with exchange

Cat 3406B Fuel Injector: P/N CAT
Item:MB R-0R3423
 with exchange

Cummins ISM Fuel Injector
Item:PA 209961X
Des Moines, IA $589.53
 with exchange

1996 Cummins C8.3 Fuel Injector

Cummins C8.3 Engine Fuel Injector - Used

USED - Set of 6 unable to read part number
Winamac, IN $100.00

Cummins BCIV 88NT Fuel Injector
Item:PA 209985X
 with exchange

Cat C15 Fuel Injector
Item:PA 390090X
Winamac, IN $770.39
 with exchange

Cummins ISX15 Fuel Injector

Cummins ISX15 Engine Fuel Injector - Rebuilt | P/N 2872405

REBUILT - Reman Injector - ISX XPI
Item:MB 2872405
 with exchange

Detroit 60 SER 14.0 Fuel Injector
Item:PA 609890X
Winamac, IN $460.08
 with exchange

Cat 3406A Fuel Injector
Item:MB 9N3246

Cat C15 Fuel Injector

Cat C15 Engine Fuel Injector - Rebuilt | P/N 10R6163

REBUILT - Reman injector (core returned must be same part # if not dedcutions or no credit may apply)
Item:AD 10R6163
Please Call
Cummins N14 CELECT+ Fuel Injector
Item:PA 209993X
 with exchange

Cat C12 Fuel Injector
Item:MB R-10R0963
 with exchange

Cat 3126 Fuel Injector

Cat 3126 Engine Fuel Injector - Rebuilt | P/N 10R0781

REBUILT - Reman Injector - 3126 HEUI
Item:MB R-10R0781
 with exchange

Detroit 60 SER 12.7 Fuel Injector
Item:MB R-5236977
 with exchange

Cummins N14 CELECT Fuel Injector

Cummins N14 Celect Engine Fuel Injector - Rebuilt | P/N 3411759

REBUILT - Reman fuel injector
Part#: 3411759
Item:PD 3411759R
Please Call
Detroit DD13 Fuel Injector

Detroit DD13 Engine Fuel Injector - Rebuilt | P/N A4710700387

REBUILT - Reman alliant power injector
Multiple Locations $345.00
8 available

Cat C13 Fuel Injector
Item:DFI P200067R
Multiple Locations $450.30
 with exchange

Cummins BCIV 88NT Fuel Injector
Item:MB R-3069767
Kansas City, MO $105.44
 with exchange

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